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Five years ago, Gary's 30-plus year career as an award winning corporate graphic designer and acclaimed, internationally collected, fine-art landscape photographer seemed at its end, the result of a rare inherited pigment dispersion glaucoma. Today, with just a fraction of peripheral eyesight, his deep love of nature drives him to adapt against all odds as he continues to refine his photographic art and engage a new conversation called "Journey Into Blindness"

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Russian Connection

Бывает всякое... Выпуск 74... Ищете оправдания?

It happens every issue ... 74 ... Looking for an excuse?
Alexander Kiselev

Published on May 10, 2013
Vyderzhka the ear, the composition of the sensations of the environment ... All this is a reality for Gary Albertson (
Photographer Gary Albertson calls himself "the luckiest loser in the world" in 2010, the year after decades of photography, he developed a rare form of glaucoma that left him virtually blind, there were two small areas of peripheral vision and all. About the photographer's career could forget.
Friend Dennis Shmidling motivated to return to the pictures and try to trust your feelings and also introduced him to Jay Mather photojournalist, who has decided to make a photo report on the work of Gary. After the joint cooperation they created a photo exhibition, which attracted extremely positive comments.
Gary himself said that used to work in the dark and without that you can do, of course, he'd like to get vision back, but that does not stop him to take pictures.

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